Procaccianti Companies, Inc., our Sponsor, is a large, privately-held real estate firm located in the United States. 

Procaccianti Companies is a second-generation real estate investment and management company that has built a broad national platform that encompasses all sectors of real estate since its predecessor’s formation in 1958. The Company is a vertically-integrated, diverse organization with multiple wholly owned, performance-driven operating companies delivering meaningful solutions to the unique demands of a complex industry.

Historically, Procaccianti Companies and its predecessors have acquired interests in all types of real estate (in nearly 1,000 debt or equity transactions) with a concentration on quality hospitality sector investments that present attractive yields or would benefit significantly from its fully integrated platform of operating companies. Over its history, Procaccianti Companies, its predecessors and affiliates have owned or operated over 160 hotels across the United States.

Procaccianti Companies believes that it has delivered above-market risk adjusted returns by leveraging its platform to implement sophisticated value creation strategies, including: operational and management improvements, addressing deferred maintenance through capital infusions/renovations, implementation of cost controls and expense reductions, brand positioning, or leverage upward-trending economic or market-specific recovery conditions. Procaccianti Companies has proven successful throughout multiple economic and market cycles by concentrating investments in primary and tertiary markets with high barriers to entry, predictable inventory and supply growth, and stabilized or growing demand generators. We believe that Procaccianti Companies has proven the ability to maximize operating efficiencies of under-performing and non-performing retail, industrial, multi-family and office assets, as well as hotels, condominium projects, single family homes, restaurants, retail outlets, parking facilities, mixed-use developments, and convention centers. Procaccianti Companies’ fully integrated approach drives yields through aggressive operations, asset management, financial management, product positioning, and sales and revenue management.

For more than 60 years, Procaccianti Companies and its predecessors have owned, financed, developed, or managed hundreds of assets coast to coast.


Procaccianti Hotel REIT, Inc. is the result of sophisticated market analytics and in-depth industry knowledge by respected subject matter experts who themselves have invested and managed hospitality assets across all segments in diverse geographies coast to coast across the United States.

The Sponsor believes that evolving demographics and changing consumer preferences have converged with new product offerings with a positive-trending outlook and favorable economic environment. The Sponsor believes that its investment thesis is grounded in decades of experience and prudent assessments of multiple market factors. Investments in these new products combined with proven institutional-quality management, provides for reasonable down-side risk and offers the potential to maximize risk-adjusted returns.


Procaccianti Hotel Advisors, LLC, our Advisor, will be responsible for our day-to-day operations. Our Advisor is an affiliate and under common control with our sponsor and will, in turn, draw on the resources of our sponsor and depend upon access to the investment professionals and other resources of the sponsor and its affiliates to fulfill its obligations to us under the advisory agreement.

Our Advisor will depend on our sponsor and its affiliates to obtain access to deal flow generated by the professionals of our Sponsor, and in doing so, will seek to acquire hotel properties with strong operational performance and/or have the potential to appreciate in value as a result of limited investment in capital improvements, revenue enhancements, operational improvements, and correction of expense inefficiencies. Our Advisor plans to target markets that have a stable or growing and reliable demand base, as well as barriers to entry or limited present and future new supply growth.


We operate under the direction of our Board of Directors (Board), the members of which are accountable to us and our stockholders as fiduciaries. The Board is responsible for the overall management and control of our affairs.

Below are the names, ages, titles and links to biographical information of each of our Executive Officers and Directors and the Key Executives of our Advisor and Sponsor: 

JAMES PROCACCIANTI 60 President, Chief Executive Officer, Director, Chairman of the Board of Directors
GREGORY VICKOWSKI 58 Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, Director
RON HADAR 50 Secretary, General Counsel
LAWRENCE AUBIN 73 Independent Director
THOMAS ENGEL 75 Independent Director
RONALD S. OHSBERG 54 Independent Director
JAMES PROCACCIANTI 60 President, Chief Executive Officer, Director, Chairman of the Board of Directors
GREGORY VICKOWSKI 58 Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, Director
ELIZABETH PROCACCIANTI 70 Chief Operating Officer
MARK BACON 56 Chief Construction Officer 
ROBERT LEVEN 51 Chief Investment Officer 
RON HADAR  50 General Counsel
RICHARD MACADAMS 69 Investment Committee Member

Past performance is not a guarantee of future results, and there can be no assurance that we will achieve comparable results of Procaccianti Companies and its affiliates. We can provide no guarantee that we will achieve our investment objectives or be able to acquire a diversified portfolio. Further, we cannot guarantee that any trends or forecasts will occur, continue, or that we will be able to take advantage of them.