Elizabeth A. Procaccianti

Ms. Procaccianti has served as the Chief Operations Officer of the sponsor, its subsidiaries, and its predecessors and TPG since December 2005 and has served in the same capacity for our advisor since August 2016. She has served as a manager of our advisor since August, 2016 and has served on the advisor’s investment committee since August 2016. Ms. Procaccianti is responsible for the overall management and performance of the sponsor’s national portfolio and will perform the same duties for us through our advisor. She has been with the sponsor and TPG since 1987 and has served in several capacities, including general manager and regional director. She has built a staff of experienced hospitality professionals, both at the hotel and corporate levels, who have been trained and instructed on the successful containment of costs through attention to controls and procedures.

Ms. Procaccianti has a track record of generating profits by maximizing revenue through aggressive sales and marketing, revenue management, and superior guest satisfaction. Ms. Procaccianti currently serves on the owner advisory boards for Starwood Hotels and Hilton Hotels. Ms. Procaccianti is also on the board of the Providence/Warwick Convention & Visitors Bureau and is a past board member of the Rhode Island Hospitality Association.

Ms. Procaccianti is a graduate of the University of Rhode Island in Kingston, Rhode Island with a bachelor’s degree in English/Business.