Premium Branded Select-Service Hotels

We intend to acquire, own and operate a diverse portfolio of hospitality properties consisting of primarily existing select-service, extended-stay, and compact full-service hotel properties throughout the United States.

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Select-Service: One of the Fastest Growing Segments in the Industry.(1)

Company Overview

Procaccianti Hotel REIT, Inc., (PROC) intends to offer individual investors access to an institutionally managed portfolio of premium branded select-service hotels that are geographically diversified across the United States.

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Investment Objectives

Our primary investment objectives are to (7):

  • Provide stable income to you through the payment of cash distributions (2);
  • Preserve and return your capital contributions; and
  • Maximize risk-adjusted returns on your investment.

Our Management Team

James A. Procaccianti
James A. Procaccianti
President, Chief Executive Officer
Gregory D. Vickowski
Gregory D. Vickowski
Chief Financial Officer
Elizabeth A. Procaccianti
Elizabeth A. Procaccianti
Chief Operations Officer
  • Portfolio of nearly 50 Branded Hotels
  • Approximately 12,000 guestrooms under management in U.S.
  • One of the
    Largest Marriott
    in United States(3)
  • One of the
    Largest Hotel
    in United States(4)
  • One of the
    Largest Hotel
    in United States(5)

Interior images shown above are of properties owned by Procaccianti Hotel REIT, Inc. 

  1. CBRE Hotels April 2017, "Select-Service Hotels: Efficient and Profitable" by Robert Mandelbaum.
  2. Payment of distributions on our K Shares, K-I Shares and K-T Shares is not guaranteed. Our charter does not restrict us from paying distributions from any particular source, which means that we could use an unlimited amount of offering proceeds and borrowings, as well as proceeds from the sale of assets and the waiver or deferral of fees otherwise owed to our advisor, to pay distributions. Any of these distributions may reduce the amount of capital we ultimately invest in properties, and negatively impact the value of your investment, especially if a substantial portion of distributions is paid from offering proceeds. Our board of directors has adopted a policy (which it may change in its sole discretion) to refrain from funding distributions with offering proceeds; instead, we plan to fund distributions from cash flows from operations and capital transactions (other than net proceeds from this or other securities offerings, but which may include the sale of one or more assets). Therefore, we do not expect to use return of capital sources to pay distributions; however, our charter does not restrict us from doing so.
  3. Includes Starwood properties acquired by Marriott pursuant to the September 2016 Marriott Starwood merger,
  4. 2017 Hotel Management Magazine annual ranking of hotel management companies. Published annually in June.
  5. 2017 Hotel Business Magazine annual ranking of hotel owners and developers. Published annually in September
  6. You should consider your investment in our shares a long-term investment. If we do not successfully implement a liquidation event, you may suffer losses on your investment, or your shares may continue to have limited liquidity. We cannot assure you that we will be able to achieve a liquidity event. We also cannot ensure that you will receive a profit on your investment and do not ensure against a loss. The hypothetical scenario presented in the prospectus and linked above is for illustrative purposes only, and is not indicative of our potential investment results.
  7. We can provide no guarantee that we will achieve our investment objectives or be able to acquire a diversified portfolio.